This user agreement covers the software products developed by Hasenat Net. In accordance with this agreement, you are deemed automatically accepted the following conditions once you downloaded and used the software developed by Hasenat Net.

1. Applications developed by Hasenat Net are for personal usage. The applications can be downloaded and installed on one or more computers free of charge. Applications developed by Hasenat Net are complimentary and there is no time limitation for their usage. 

2. Applications developed by Hasenat Net are for personal use and may not be marketed for commercial purposes nor can they be sold either on the web or in a recorded medium.

3. You may not make software alterations on the application or disable license and control features of it.

4. The applications and their contents may not be distributed without proper authorization from Hasenat Net.

5. Reverse engineering procedure may not be applied on the applications developed by Hasenat Net nor can such applications be decomposed to translate into source codes.

6. Content of the applications may not be used in other applications or published as web content.

7. The applications may not be distributed by an entity or organization without proper authorization regardless of the fact that such distribution activity might be for a fee or free of charge (i.e. for promotional or other purposes).

Copyright (C) 2012 by Hasenat Net