Upon request from the users and with the aim of providing convenience to the users, the calligraphies, hatim sound package and Hasenat Hatim 4 program are packed up in the same installer instead of downloading the calligraphies and hatim sound package separately.

Therefore, the size of the program installer has increased to 1,3 Gb (1,300 Mb) with;

• Two high-resolution calligraphies (620 Mb),
• The new hatim sound package of Hafez Mehmet Ali Sari with high-quality sound (600 Mb),
• And Hasenat 4 program and its content (35 Mb).


Considering the possibility that there might occur a trouble when downloading, Hatim 4 installer has been split into 7 RAR packages, each corresponding to 200 Mb.


Download the 7 RAR packages in the same folder using the links below. WINRAR program shall be installed in your computer as to open the packages.If not installed, you may download it from HERE.


Our visually impaired visitors , please click here for the keyboard shortcuts.



Please read End User Licence Agreement (EULA)
  Hatim4Setup.part1.rar (200 MB)  
  Hatim4Setup.part2.rar (200 MB)  
  Hatim4Setup.part3.rar (200 MB)  
  Hatim4Setup.part4.rar (200 MB)  
  Hatim4Setup.part5.rar (200 MB)  
  Hatim4Setup.part6.rar (200 MB)  
  Hatim4Setup.part7.rar (75 MB)  
  Hatim 4.2 update is released. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD.  

ATTENTION! If all the RAR packages were not in the same folder, it will give error when to open. After all the RAR packages have been downloaded in the same folder, RIGHT CLICK on the

"Hatim4Setup.part1.rar" file,

and select the “Extract Here” option from the menu. The installer will be extracted from the RAR package. Then, run the installer and install Hatim 4 program into your computer following the instructions on the screen.


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